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Suggested retail: $159.00
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Part number:: WR55X10942
NEW part & Manufacturer OEM: GE
Quantities are limited ***** Manufacturer Part #: WR55X10942


WR55X10942 GE Refrigerator Main Control Board replaces WR55X10552, WR55X10524, WR55X10523, WR55X10474, WR55X10473, WR55X10456, WR55X10436, WR55X10432, WR55X10427, WR55X10426, WR55X10416, WR55X10413, WR55X10396, WR55X10385, WR55X10381, WR55X10379, WR55X10372, WR55X10366, WR55X10358, WR55X10339, WR55X10336, WR55X10335, WR55X10333, WR55X10328, WR55X10314, WR55X10297, WR55X10294, WR55X10289, WR55X10228, WR55X10210, WR55X10188, WR55X10187, WR55X10177, WR55X10174, WR55X10171, WR55X10160, WR55X10151, WR55X10151, WR55X10110, WR55X10110, WR55X10109, WR55X10097, WR55X10090, WR55X10086, WR55X10083, WR55X10079, WR55X10065, WR55X10056, WR55X10056, WR55X10045. Fits most electronic control models without inverter compressor.

 New part# WR55X10942P


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4. We will refund your credit card for the amount shown above once the item is received and inspected.