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Part number:: TJ107
NEW part & Manufacturer OEM: Whirlpool
Quantities are limited ***** Manufacturer Part #: TJ107

Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster is a powerful tool for getting your dishes the cleanest possible. Featuring a tough-acting formula that is able to remove old spots, residue and caked-on foods from your dishes, Finish dishwashing-liquid booster will leave your dishes shiny and sparkling. Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster cleans the interior of your dishwasher with a tough stain removal designed to power away hard-water film with every use.

Finish Power Up Dishwashing Booster, 14 oz:
  • Fights spots and residue when detergent is not enough
  • Formulated to remove hard-water film
  • Able to tackle tough stains
  • Provides an intensive machine cleaning to ensure your dishwasher maintains its cleaning power
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Features a delightful fresh citrus scent

    Other numbers : # 600216