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Range, Refrigeration and washer Fault Codes are very much used these days on the newer Electonic Controls.

This guide may be incomplete as manufactures use different parts on different models. This is a general guide to fault codes. We assume no responsibility for any action taken on your part as a result of using this guide. Consult your owners manual, as it may give the fault codes for your particular model. Contact a local servicer for repairs.

If you didn't find your model/ brand in these fault code charts Contact us! Maybe we can help find your code.

Maytag / Fedders Room AC's
  • EE code
    Thermistor pulled off board or bad. Replace or put back in board.
  • E1 code
    Replace keypad. May use another style as long as it has heat or cool (if requires) have to match up till we get new part. 
  • E3 code
    Keypad problem, replace keypad. (comes with board)

    Temperatures jump up and down:
    Moisture getting into board. Replace board assembly. Add insulation around keypad.

    Contacts on board shorted on low fan:
    Replace shorted fan motor and board assembly. May require replacing condensor fan blade ( will not come off on most units ,rusted on or brittle ).

    Temperature read out is not Fahrenheit?
    Press up and down arrow keys at same time. Press and release when temp is correct.  Changes back from Celcius and fahrenheit. If unit keeps doing this change the board assembly.

    No compressor coming on everything else works:
    Compressor leads corroded and burnt off. Replace leads and sand terminals on compressor.
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