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Part number:: EAFCBF
NEW part & Manufacturer OEM: Frigidaire
Quantities are limited ***** Manufacturer Part #: EAFCBF

The Electrolux Pure Advantage Refrigerator Air Filter Cartridge fits all PureAdvantage refrigerator models manufactured by Electrolux and Frigidaire, except Electrolux ICON models. Reduces odors from foods such as onions, garlic, fish, stale milk, and over-ripe fruits and vegetables.

The EAFCBF is composed of a combination of activated carbon, a specialty zeolite, and real baking soda to reduce the full range of acidic, basic, and neutral odors commonly found in foods stored in refrigerators or freezers. The Electrolux EAFCBF is interchangeable with the Frigidaire PAULTRA, and it's also known as part number 241754001.

For best results this Refrigerator Air Filter should be changed every 6 months.