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Range, Refrigeration and washer Fault Codes are very much used these days on the newer Electonic Controls.

This guide may be incomplete as manufactures use different parts on different models. This is a general guide to fault codes. We assume no responsibility for any action taken on your part as a result of using this guide. Consult your owners manual, as it may give the fault codes for your particular model. Contact a local servicer for repairs.

If you didn't find your model/ brand in these fault code charts Contact us! Maybe we can help find your code.

Daycor Range

F-0 Clock pushbutton membrane is in a depressed position
F-1 Failure detected in the element,wiring or realy circuitry.
F-2 Oven temperature exceeded the clean runaway temperature (self-clean only) or the cooking runaway temperature (cooking modes only). Check Cooling Fan System and HTC Thermostat.
F-3 Possible grounded,shorted sensor or related wiring
F-4 Open circuit in the oven temperature sensor or related wiring.
F-6 Self Diagnostic Failure
(Only time of day and timer will operate)
F-7 Failure of the Self-Clean automatic door latch circuit. Possible cause door latch switch or related wiring.
F-8 Failure of the door latch motor. Occurs when the motor runs for two minutes without the door locking in Self-Clean mode.
PRP Probe Circuitry failure, defective robe or check for condensation in probe receptacle area.