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Suggested retail: no longer available (cannot order)
Part number:: 479595
NEW part & Manufacturer OEM: Fisher & Paykel
Quantities are limited ***** Manufacturer Part #: 479595

This part is no longer available from Fisher & Paykel as of 07/18.

The vendor of the pump has gone out of business and will no longer manufacture this part. There are no other suppliers capable of manufacturing this pump per Fisher & Paykel bulletin # G-FAWT-18-02 .


PUMP, DRAIN, 110volt/60hhz OEM part!!


120 Volt Water Pump for GWL03US GWL11US, GWL15US, IWL12, WA37T26. NOTE: WILL NOT WORK on GWL10 Series! Order 420324P 230 Volt Pump for these models!

Old number was # 420325P

2.5 amp 250 volt slow blow fuse included