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This will help with access info for the Maytag Atlantis and the plastic tub Performa models.

   To access the washer, use a putty knife approximately 1" in on both sides and push in to release the top panel and lid clips.

atlantis2.JPG (45698 bytes)

Lift the top panel back towards the wall, be careful to tape the lid so it does

not fall back and chip. On the inside of the front panel are two 5/16 screws.

Remove them and the top of the front panel will come out towards you, then

lift the front panel off the clips on the bottom and set aside. You know have

access to the internal workings of the washer. To access the belt, pull the

washer out from the wall and lift up the front and support it with a block of

wood, the belt is installed from the bottom.

atlantis3.JPG (47755 bytes)


atlantis1.JPG (45424 bytes)

On this picture, we had removed the tub and transmission assembly to replace

the transmission.