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1) Remove power!!

2) Open the door and remove the 4 screws on the inside of the door opening.

nepdooropen.JPG (13659 bytes)

3) Lift off the door and hinges from the door hinge slots.

nepdooroff.JPG (8598 bytes)

4) To remove the front panel, twist the upper right and left panel extensions inward by pressing in on the outer upper edges of the front panel posts. This will disengage the front posts from the clips located on the face of the cabinet flange.

nepfrontoff.JPG (15789 bytes)

Tilt the top of the front panel away from the washer. Disengage the lower lip of the front panel from the 2 clips along the front edge of the washer base frame. Then lift and remove the front panel.

You now have access to the front of the washer. If you need to lift the top panel, read on....

5) Remove the 4 screws fastening the dispenser bezel to the top of the washer cover.

neptopbezel.JPG (13165 bytes)

6) Remove the two 5/16 hex head screws securing the 2 hold down brackets on the top panel.

neptopclips.JPG (14013 bytes)

To remove the hold down brackets, swing the brackets to the outside to unhook the bracket from the slot in the top cover lip. Carefully lift the front of the top cover vertically, until the top cover leans back and it will remain vertical on it's own. You may have to pull the washer forward to allow sufficient room to lean the top cover back.